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Multidetector CT of the Pancreas

Rossella Graziani, Roberto Pozzi Mucelli

Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Hospital University of Bologna Bologna, Italy

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Original title. TC Multistrato del Pancreas

Pages. XVI - 270

Figures. 908 color and b/w

Tables. 12.

Price. 135 euros.

Format. Hardcover book

Purpose. This book is a practical overview of pancreatic computer tomography (CT) based on the large experience of the contributors. It is dedicated to Carlo Procacci a well known radiologist of Verona who died in 2004.

Content. The book is divided into 10 chapters covering the different aspects of diagnostic CT of the pancreas. The various radiological aspects of acute and chronic pancreatitis, exocrine and endocrine pancreatic cancer (adenocarcinoma, neuroendocrine tumors, cystic cancer, rare neoplasms), traumatic abnormalities, imaging aspects of the gland after surgery and finally imaging findings after pancreas transplantation are reported in detail.

Comment. We would emphasize that the characteristics of imaging of the common pancreatic diseases are described in addition to unusual or rare aspects of pancreatic pathology. The iconography is very rich and it is of excellent quality and it will help the radiologist to deal with individual cases particularly complex. Another important aspect of the book is that the initial approach of the various pancreatic diseases is based on clinical, surgical and pathological aspects and their relationship with imaging findings.

Limitation. It is a great pity that the book for its importance is written in Italian language and for this reason it can not have an international appreciation.

Final note. The radiologists will find in the book all the information useful for their daily practice. The internists, gastroenterologists and surgeons also will found useful information to better understand the information given by the modern CT radiology.

Lucia Calculli
Riccardo Casadei
Raffaele Pezzilli

Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Hospital University of Bologna Bologna, Italy

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