Chronic Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Diabetes in India

Balakrishnan V*, Kumar H, Sudhindran S and Unnikrishnan AG

Published by The Indian Pancreatitis Study Group

Printed at L.G. Creations, Bangalore, India (2006). 400 pp.

*Corresponding Author:
Prof. V. Balakrishnan
E-mail [email protected]
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(ISBN: 81-903400-0-X)

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Format Hardcover book.

Content This is a publication of the Indian Pancreatitis Study Group covering all epidemiological, medical, imaging, and therapeutic aspects such as endoscopic and surgical approaches in chronic pancreatitis in India.

Commentary The book is the result of the National Workshop on Tropical Pancreatitis/ Fibrocalculous Pancreatic Diabetes in India which was held in the Amrita Institute of the Medical Sciences and Research Center in Cochin from 17 to 19 December, 2004. All the participants were requested to contribute chapters detailing their experience with and views on chronic pancreatitis. Thus, the book is not a uniform and organic description of chronic pancreatitis in India but it is made up of a series of articles which cover all the aspects of chronic pancreatitis in the different geographical parts of India. The book is of particular importance because, for the first time, non-Indian pancreatologists can obtain exhaustive information on several aspects of the disease in India.

Final note This is a useful text which will be helpful to researchers interested in the epidemiology of chronic pancreatitis in the world. Anyone in the field of internal medicine, gastroenterology or pancreatology who decides to purchase this book can be sure it is a good choice for increasing their own expertise about forms of chronic pancreatitis which are very rare in Western countries.

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